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  • Comprehensive eye care
  • Phaco emulsification (no stitch cataract surgery)
  • Vitreo-retinal surgery-for eye haemorrhages, macular hole, infections, epriretinal membranes, retinal detachment, foreign bodies and complicated diabetic eye disease
  • Fundus fluorescein angiography-to see leakages in diabetic retinopathy,vascular occlusion, maculopathies, aging eye
  • Indirect ophthalmoscopy and slit lamp bi-microscopy-for complete evaluation of retina
  • Laser –for diabetic retinopathy, vascular occlusion, retinal holes and other macular diseases
  • YAG laser for ‘after-cataract’
  • Cryotherapy –for retinal breaks and eye tumours
  • Buckling surgeries for retinal detachment
  • Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment
  • Orthoptic exercises and surgery for squin

Advanced Equipment:

1.  Fundus Flourescein Angiography and fundus photography
2.  Mellinium Microsurgical system with Microphaco and Vitreoretinal surgical module
3.  Green Laser Photocoagulator
4.  Nidek Ultrasound A scan for IOL calculation
5.  Corneal Topography

Services with the aid of these Sophisticated Machines:

1.  Operating microscope with X-Y and zoom control (Takagi Corporation, Japan) and Wide Field Imaging system for Retinal surgeries to provide a very high quality of magnified image, for High Precision Surgery.

2.  Mellinium Microsurgical System Machine (Bausch and Lomb, USA) and the Endolaser (532 mm Green Laser from Nidek Japan) for performing all varieties of complex Vitreo Retinal Surgeries, like Retinal Detachment with PVR, Giant Retinal Tear, Diabetic Vitreous Hemorrhage, Endophthalmitis, Dropped Lens, Intraocular Foreign Body etc.

3.  Phacoemulsification machine with latest MICS platform for micro-phaco (Bausch and Lomb, USA) to manage stitch-less cataract surgeries

4.  Digital Flurescein Angiography and fundus camera for retinal imaging and angiography in diseases like diabetic retinopathy and age–related macular degeneration

5.  Green Laser for Retina Photocoagulation (532 nm Laser from Nidek, Japan) for treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy, Eales Disease, Retinal Tears and other Retinal Diseases.

6.  Ultrasonography for Detailed Evaluation for the Eye

7.  The OCT aids supplement clinical work-up for the early detection of optic nerve fiber layer.

Advanced OCT/SLO System (RS-3000) OCT Retina Scan :

A wide area scan, providing retina analyses summaries of both eyes, including the macula. High speed scan (53,000 A scans per second) help reduce measurement time and artifacts, leading to high quality images (high resolution image shows discrete retinal layers). Patient comfort naturally increases. High speed and accurate averaging achieves significant speckle-noise reduction, allowing immediate detection of image errors, and enhancement of image quality.

Real-time, high-contrast, and wide view confocal SLO imaging offers the accuracy for OCT scanning of pathology. OCT scanning position is precisely matched with the SLO fundus image. Macula multi scan pattern enables high-speed scan of 5*5 lines (X-Y directions) at one shot. The position, length, and interval of scanning lines for the target are all modifiable to user preference on real-time confocal SLO image.

High contrast SLO fundus image and auto-tracking function achieve excellent reproducibility for follow-up examination.

SLO-OCT (Nidek, Japan RS 3000): For high quality images to aide the management of retinal diseases and glaucoma.

Shahla , Patrick and all the children of Mother Miracle School 9 november 2009
Dear Dr Mehrotra, Thanks again for everything you and your
Dr Kanupriya Agarwal, St Thomas and Guy's Hospital, London
We are very grateful for the wonderful and excellent surgical