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The Eye Clinic (TEC)
is a state-of-the-art eye centre, committed to providing comprehensive eye care services, using the best in clinical skills and technology.

The services provided by TEC will expand to cater to the needs of people from Uttrakhand and nearby. The population served would comprise people from broadly, Uttarakhand (comprising the Garhwal and Kumaun regions), Western UP and adjoining areas of Himachal Pradesh. Uttarakhand has a population of 8.5 million and Dehradun itself has, about 13 lakh people.

Located in the heart of Dehradun, TEC will strive to provide an environment that fosters faster healing and hassle free recovery. Apart from providing routine and regular eye services, the centre also aims to provide advanced diagnostic and therapeutic (medical and surgical treatment) services for vitreo-retinal diseases, the first of its kind in Uttarakhand.

There has been a shift in focus with respect to eye care, from the traditional cataract morbidity towards retinal ailments such as Diabetic Retinopathy and ARMD. These are major public health problems, contributing to significant disease burden in the working age group. The centre will cater to diseases of the retina. It will offer specialised therapeutic and diagnostic services aided by world-class technology and expertise. The centre provides specialized services ranging from comprehensive eye care, indirect ophthalmoscopy, Fluorescein Angiography, Lasers, Ultrasonography, Glaucoma care, Squint care to advanced Retinal surgeries. The Eye Clinic offers air conditioned interiors, computerised medical records, and online consultations through e-mail. The focus is to provide care and comfort to patients. Cashless Facility is available through various Third Party Administrators.

The Chief surgeon, Dr Abhas Mehrotra is a Vitreo-retina Surgeon trained at All India Institute of Medical sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi. He has worked at AIIMS under Prof Tiwari (Hon. Adviser to Government of India on Ophthalmology). He is a Fellow of The International Council of Ophthalmology, and trained at Universtat Clinicum Hamburg, Germany under Prof G. Richard, a pioneer surgeon, and the General Secretary of European Retina Society.

The Eye Clinic is owned by and under the private proprietorship of Dr Abhas Mehrotra.


To provide affordable quality eye care services in Uttarakhand


To develop a single doctor-led tertiary level health eye facility with qualified, trained staff and advanced infra structure, with a humane approach to patient care.


  • Patient safety
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Staff integrity
  • Ethical commitment

Scope of services:

  • Emergency Eye care
  • Retinal services
  • Cataract surgeries
  • Glaucoma management
  • Squint corrections
  • External eye disease management
  • Retinopathy of pre maturity (ROP) management
Ashish Garg, California, January 8 2017
Dear Dr Abhas, I spoke to my Dad today and found out that the surgery went off well and he is already
Dr Kanupriya Agarwal, St Thomas and Guy's Hospital, London
We are very grateful for the wonderful and excellent surgical result on the treatment of my mother-in-law's cataract surgery...