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Retina surgery unit:

The Eye Clinic super specializes in providing services related to disorders of medical and surgical retina. 

Complicated retinal surgeries with the aid of latest technology and equipment including the Millenium Microsurgical System and the Endolaser (Nidek Japan). These are used for complex vitreo-retinal surgeries like Retinal Detachment, Giant Retinal Tear, Diabetic Vitreous Hemorrhage, Endophthalmitis, Vitrectomy, Dropped lens, Intra ocular foreign body, and other vitreo-retinal procedures. 

TEC is one of the few centers in the region to perform the Suture less 23 gauge Vitrectomy. Wide Field Imaging system with operating microscope provides high quality magnified images for high precision retinal surgeries.

Dr Abhas Mehrotra with his rich surgical experience from AIIMS and Hamburg, heads the retinal surgery unit. 

Phacoemulsification with latest MICS micro-phaco (Bausch & Lomb) to manage stitch less cataract surgeries and provide our patients the best possible surgical outcome.

Diabetic Eye Care Unit:

Dr Abhas Mehrotra, specializes in Diabetic Eye Care, and trained at Hamburg with a special focus on Diabetes related eye disease. The diabetic clinic has a Digital Flouroscein Angiography and Fundus Camera for retinal imaging and angiography in diseases like diabetic retinopahy and ARMD.

Green Laser GYC by Nidek Japan is used for Focal, Grid and pan retinal photocoagulation in different stages of Diabetic Retinopathy.

For advanced retinal diseases necessitating surgical intervention, advanced surgical equipment is available for removing blood from inside the eye, and removing traction and fibro vascular bands in advanced diabetic retinopathy.

The Eye Clinic is also equipped with Endo Illuminator, Endo laser and Micro Vitreous instrumentation for advanced vireo retinal surgeries.

Comprehensive Eye Care:

With a commitment to unparalleled care and service delivery, The Eye Clinic provides a full spectrum of ophthalmology services to meet the needs of the entire family. Every patient is offered an integrated approach to eye care, incorporating the expertise of our ophthalmologists, optometrist, and ophthalmic assistants to provide individualized treatment.

Dr Alok Arya, London
We appreciate very much the highest level of care and personal attention you and your team provided to us. 
Dr Kanupriya Agarwal, St Thomas and Guy's Hospital, London
We are very grateful for the wonderful and excellent surgical result on the treatment of my mother-in-law's cataract surgery.