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Community Eye Care

School Screening programs:
The Eye Clinic routinely conducts vision screening programs for children to detect and correct refraction errors and other conditions that could be rectified and aid children to visualize better.

Rajpur Community Vision Screening program:
A team of optometrists, ophthalmic technicians, and opticians conducted a screening camp for over 200 residents of Rajpur community, for diseases of the eye, including cataract, squint, retina, etc. The focus was on providing solutions for retina related issues. Previously retinal examinations was cumbersome and restricted to hospitals. However, The Eye Clinic, with its cutting edge technology and expertise from AIIMS used mobile fundus photo equipment to facilitate screening of retinal diseases, common in diabetic and hypertensive populations. Blood sugar levels were tested for all patients with diabetes. Counseling was provided to control complications of the eye. Opticians were available at the venue to provide spectacles for patients with refraction concerns. Follow up of screened patients was provided at The Eye Clinic, Dehradun, at regular intervals to ensure continuation of patient care.

Aarohi, Village Satoli, Nainital, Uttarakhand:
Aarohi is a non-profit, grassroots organisation committed to need-based and people-planned integrated rural development in the Central Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. Dr Abhas Mehrotra has conducted two ophthalmology camps at Satoli in 2008. Though the camps were general ophthalmology camps, particular attention was also given to screen for retinal diseases. Cases requiring further management were referred to appropriate tertiary services in the region for advanced treatment.

Latika Roy Foundation:
The Foundation based in Dehradun, India, works with children and adults with disability. The TEC team conducted a Vision Assessment Camp at Karuna Vihar and the Early Intervention Center over a week in April 2009. This assessment was jointly organized and conducted by Dr Sebastian, Dr Shubha Nagesh and Dr Abhas Mehrotra. The vision assessments were conducted by Mr. Rahul Pandey. In this camp the doctors conducted several important tests for the children like external ocular, fundus and ocular motility examinations. Different modes of examination were used depending on the age and the development of the children. For the older children the standard vision chart was used whereas object matching was used for the younger children. In this test the doctor takes a coloured object like a ball and asks the child to pick up, touch or throw the same colour ball out of all the balls that are provided to him.

Mother Miracle School, Rishikesh:
Mother Miracle’s mission is to help improve the quality of life of children and families living in underprivileged communities in India. Since 2002, education, health and community assistance is being provided at Rishikesh to hundreds of children and families in need. Over the last seven years, the organization has grown into a large humanitarian effort encompassing programs for education, health, housing, emergency aid and career development.
The TEC team organised a visual screening for about seventy children at the premises of mother miracle school. Mr Rahul Pandey and Mr Deepak Joshi conducted the eye camp and screened children for any visual impairment needing further examination and treatment.

Indo-Tibetian Border Police:
The TEC team provides free eye screening serices to the personnel of ITBP. Though the screening is applicable to all the employees, a special focus is given to shooters.

Makthipokhri Chakrata
An eye disease screening camp was organised on May 26 & 27 2012 at Makthipokhri, in remote areas of Chakrata. Patients were examined for eye disease, spectacles were provided free of cost, and cataract surgeries were conducted free of cost with reimbursement of travel fare for the patient and an attendant. The Eye Clinic will conduct annual eye screening camps in the remote districts of Uttarakhand.

Bajaj Institute of Hearing Impaired:
A comprehensive vision assessment of children with hearing impairment was conducted at Bajaj Institute for Hearing Impaired in 2011. The TEC team was especially trained to assess responses in children with special needs. The ocular morbidity prevalent in this cohort was presented at the Early Intervention Conference, Perth, Australia in August 2012.

In association with the Department of Transport, all employees of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) underwent an ophthalmic screening at Parade ground in 2011.

Dr Alok Arya, London
We appreciate very much the highest level of care and personal attention you and your team provided to us. 
Dr Kanupriya Agarwal, St Thomas and Guy's Hospital, London
We are very grateful for the wonderful and excellent surgical result on the treatment of my mother-in-law's cataract surgery.